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Version: 17.5.0

Estimate Provider

Taquito's estimate method can be used to estimate fees, gas, and storage associated with an operation.

The Estimate object

The Estimate object has the following properties:

[burnFeeMutez]: The number of Mutez that will be burned for the storage of the operation. Returns a number.

[gasLimit]: The limit on the amount of gas a given operation can consume. Returns a number.

[minimalFeeMutez]: Minimum fees for the operation according to baker defaults. Returns a number.

[storageLimit]: The limit on the amount of storage an operation can use. Returns a number.

[suggestedFeeMutez:]: The suggested fee for the operation includes minimal fees and a small buffer. Returns a number.

[totalCost]: The sum of minimalFeeMutez + burnFeeMutez. Returns a number.

[usingBaseFeeMutez]: Fees according to your specified base fee will ensure that at least minimum fees are used.

Estimate a transfer operation

The following example shows an estimate of the fees associated with transferring 2ꜩ to tz1h3rQ8wBxFd8L9B3d7Jhaawu6Z568XU3xY address. The configuration of the signer is to use a throw-away private key for demonstration purposes.

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Estimate a smart contract call

This example will demonstrate how to estimate the fees related to calling a smart contract.

We have updated the estimate provider to have a contractCall() method. The contractCall() member method can now be used to estimate contract calls as such:

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Estimate a contract origination

In this example, we will use the estimate method of Taquito on a contract origination. The genericMultisigJSONfile variable contains a Michelson Smart Contract.

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