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Developing on Tezos can be delicious!

Use our popular Taquito TypeScript library to develop your Tezos blockchain apps faster and easier

Looking for a simple way to work with Tezos?

Tired of figuring out what is needed to make that RPC work?

Takes too long to integrate with a wallet?

Too many steps to send an operation?

Want a library that is always up-to-date with the upcoming protocol changes?

Wish there were higher-level abstractions?

Looking for an extensible framework with minimal dependencies?

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We Believe You Deserve A Great Developer Experience

What makes Taquito so amazing?

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Easy to use

Taquito's abstractions are simple to understand and use. Working with Tezos contracts feels like working with JavaScript objects.

Catch Errors Early

Taquito uses TypeScript to extend JavaScript so that you can catch errors earlier.


Perfect for any JavaScript project on the front-end, back-end or command line with minimal dependencies.

Well Supported

Taquito has a well-documented API, runs continuous integration tests against the Tezos Node and a set of Beacon wallets.

Start Simple With Taquito

Just a few simple steps and you are set to start building your own app.

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Install Taquito

Follow our QuickStart guide to start using Taquito and check code examples.


Create and run your first app locally

Use our Taquito React Boilerplate app template.


Build your App

Use Taquito to connect your app to the Tezos blockchain.

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Teams Building With Taquito

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