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Version: 17.5.0

Ballot Operation

The Ballot operation allows delegates to cast one Yay, Nay, or Pass ballot on a selected proposal. Delegates are only able to cast their votes during the Exploration period and the Promotion period


The Ballot operation is currently available in the Contract API, and can be used as such:

const op = await Tezos.contract.ballot({
proposal: 'PROPOSAL_HASH',
await op.confirmation();
  • proposal is the proposal hash string that you (a delegate) would like to point your ballot towards. Information on the current proposal can be obtained by calling this RPC endpoint. Alternatively, you could also get the proposal hash by using Taquito's RPC Client method RpcClient.getCurrentProposal. For more information on the RpcClient refer to this document
  • ballot is your ballot vote (yay, nay, or pass)

For more information in regards to the Amendment (and Voting) Process refer to this document

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